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Chase Young x OC: My sweet revenge (part 6).
~ Forest ~
As she opened her shiny eyes, something caught her attention. She stood and looked around the grounds, scanning area over and over again. “I could have sworn I saw-”
“Long time no see, kitten.”
Him again. “What do you want, again?” Y asked, preparing to levitate back to the Xiaolin Temple.
“Nothing, I just want to talk to the greatest ,” and most beautiful, Chase thought,” warrior.”
“Why do I have to?” Only idiots believe what you say.
Chase smirked. “Ehelm, I swear to my honor…”
Y raised her eyebrows. You don’t have one.
“… I won’t do anything to you.”
“No.” She replied. Decisively.
“Well, you don’t have any other choices.” The prince of darkness clapped. The scenery has changed.
~ Somewhere in Japan ~
The two were sitting in a Japanese dining room. Watching the sakura bloom falling from the sakura tree. Y’s Xiaolin unif
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Chase Young x OC: My sweet revenge (part 5).
“What do you think you’re doing?” Chase shouted, kicking non-stop the poor Jack Spicer. You can feel the anger in his eyes.
“Master, please, forgive me… The girl, Y, she hypnotized me. I couldn't predicted that, master, forgive me, I'm begging you… Wahhh. ” Jack cried, he was grabbing Chase’s leg.
*Little kitten can hypnotize… Hmm, interesting.* The prince of darkness thought, shaking his leg. “Get your dirty arms off me!” He roared. “When?”
“After you went off…”
Chase surprised, he continued, “So who am I transform for?”
“It’s… her!!! She transformed into me, me!!” Jack yelled.
“But… How could you disguise into her… On the small pedestal?”
“The girl, she changed my appearances! I have nothing to deal with it! It’s her fault! Not me… Wahhh.” The red haired boy still cried.
*What? How could she do that? I need
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Chase Young x OC: My sweet revenge (part 4).
An unconscious girl laid on a rock, floating in the air. “Y!!!!!!” Kimiko shouted. “What did you do to her, lizard?” She started to fired some lava boom into the black haired man. Chase easily avoided it.
“Calm down… If you want to rescue your friend, why don’t we start a game, don’t you think??” Chase clapped his hands. The room turned into a battlefield. It was a parkour course!
“Hey! It’s just like a stadium I saw on the TV!” Omi said. Clay cracked his knuckles.
“The rule are simple: the first one get to the wooden pedestal and lay a hand on the kitten, win. And, by the way, if you lose, you will join the Heylin army…”
“And if we win, you’ll have to let our friend go.”
Chase agreed. “Because there are one, two, three, four and five,” He counted, “ so there’s no sheng gong wu here! Understood?”
“Let’s go, Xiaolin Showdown!”,
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Chase Young x OC: My sweet revenge (part 3).
~ Waterfall ~
The Xiaolin Warrior started to find their new friend, Y, in the waterfall. It was a mess. Lots of trees were fallen. The grass was stomped roughly. There were footprints, one small, one big, everywhere.
“Seems like there was a Xiaolin Showdown here.”
“No, Rai. Look, if there WAS a Xiaolin Showdown here, it won’t be this messy.”
“Kimiko ‘s right. I think that Y has fighting with someone…” Omi said. He looked every where but he couldn’t even see a hair.
Ping-Pong shouted, “Guys! Look!” The gang ran to Ping-Pong’s place.
“Look! It’s sister Y’s eardrop.” Ping-Pong pointed a shiny, blue gem on the ground.
“It’s Y’s eardrop! Noooo, what happened to her?” Kimiko whispered, frighteningly.
Clay yelled, “Here’s another one.” He was holding a tiny emerald in his hand.
“Hey, it’s look like one of the emerald of Kwan-Dao sword of
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Chase Young x OC: My sweet revenge (part 2).
~ Waterfall ~
“Good evening, my dear.” a deep, silky voice said through the darkness.
Y starlted. “Who? Come out!” She regconized that voice.
Chase flicked his finger, came out of the darkness to look at Y as she hung by her arms that were chained to two pillars. The indigo hair girl took this time to get a good look at him. His long black hair looked silky and well taken care of. His pale complexion contrasting deliciously. Y now understand Jack’s obsession with the ancient war lord. He was gorgeous.
“Sorry that I interrupted your meditation, but I doubt you would have come willingly.” he explained as he paced in front of her, never breaking eye contact.
“What do you want?” Y asked, getting straight to the point.
“Straight to the point then. I simply need you as a hostage, so I can lure the other xiaolin warriors here to destroy them.” Chase smirked as he observed her reaction. The chains suddenly disappeared when Chase
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Chase Young x OC: My sweet revenge (part 1).
~ Xiaolin Temple ~
“Y. Just call me Y.” A stranger stand next to Master Fung, presenting herself.
“Wow, she ‘s so cute!” ,“Yeah, look how pretty she is.”, “She looks so charming, like Willow, no, even more.”
Master Fung said, “Y is one of my best student, no offence Omi. She has been travel around the world and now she would like to re-join our team.”
“Nice to meet you guys. I hope that you will treat me well.”
Rai’s gang started to meet friends with with the new girl, Y, especially Kimiko. Maybe it‘s good for her to get a friend who have the same gender.
He teleported to the Xiaolin temple, standing on the close-by mountains, watching with his animal eyes. (or... something along that line) The monks were training a girl. Her Xiaolin ‘s uniform much like Kimiko but more fit for her body type.
He had to admit she was very pretty.
*How interesting. Maybe I should take the kitten. And get that
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xiaolin showdown dump by animegirl000 xiaolin showdown dump :iconanimegirl000:animegirl000 1,104 34 Little Chase Young by Oune by ChaseYoungClub Little Chase Young by Oune :iconchaseyoungclub:ChaseYoungClub 201 0
Chase x Reader part 2
~reader's prov~
The temple was being attacked by... robot? I think they said something about an inventor that used robots for fighting. I can't remember his name though.
Anyway, I was able to take a few down before seeing one heading elsewhere. I followed, leaving the others to guard the Shen-gong-wu. After taking it down I heard a chuckle that sent chills down my spine.
Before I could do anything, one arm wrapped around me, the other holding a damp cloth over my mouth and nose. Upon accidentally breathing in, I discovered the dampening smelt sweet. Before I could categorize it, I lost consciousness.
~Jack's prov~
That was too easy! Though a bit disappointing, I got what I come for. "Cloak of Shadows!" I whispered, covering the knocked out girl in my arms so the other losers wouldn't see her.
Hovering in the air, I ordered the Jack-bots to retreat, or what was left of them anyway. I made my exit ,but not without a saying a totally witty line.
~Xialin dragons prov~
"None of the Shen-gon
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Chase x Reader part 1
Chase Young x Reader
"Chase, Ya sure ya don't wanna hang?" the annoying red haired boy, Jack, asked for the millionth time. "We could plan word conquest, or mess with the Xiaolin dorks! I heard they've got a new dweeb."
The black haired man, known as Chase Young, turned his yellow eyes to the annoying Jack, interested by the last remark. "A new apprentice, you say?" he said. "Yeah, another girl," he replied immediately "she's got this lame element too: wood. I mean, what's she gonna do? Call some trees to attack me?!" Jack finished with a laugh at his own joke.  He instantly stopped when he saw that Chase was gone, and noticed the tigers coming for him.
~Chase's prov~
He teleported to the  Xiaolin temple, standing on the close-by mountains, watching with his animal eyes. (or... something along that line) The monks were training  a girl with (h/l) (h/c) hair and (s/c) skin. Her uniform much like Kimiko's but more fit for her body type.
He had to admit she was very pretty.
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Chase x reader part 3
A/N – I'm sorry I couldn't just put this all in one story. I promise after this series, I'll try to keep them all one (da) page or at least only two parts.
~____-chan's prov~
When I regained consciousness, I looked around to see that I was in what looked like a bed room. The only way I could tell this was from the wardrobe and the bed I was currently on. I subconsciously felt the red satin covers. My face became the same color when I saw that my robes from the temple were replaced with a lacy, long sleeved, mid-thigh length nightgown.((That's not creepy at all*shot*))
“Ah, you're awake.” a male voice came from an entrance that wasn't there before. I jumped at the sudden presence. The man was tall with greenish-black hair that fell down his back. He seemed to be wearing some kind of brown and black armor. He was very handsome, but his eyes... were like the eyes of a snake.
“W-who are you?” I said. 'This can't be that Jack Spicer guy. The other's said he was
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